Bluecoat - 585 Photo Screen Emulsion

(For flat bed machine in textile printing)

  • Bluecoat 585 is used for exposing designs for flatbed machine screen in textile printing. This emulsion is used for half tone type sharp designs in textile printing.
  • Photo image, efficiency, sharpness of the design, excellent run ability and mechanical strength are the outstanding features of Bluecoat 585 - Once the screen is exposed, it needs to be hardened with Bluecoat Hardener.

  • Time Saving
  • Better Sharpness, Good Image Definition and Higher Resolution
  • Excellent Coating on Different Mesh Counts
  • Excellent Durability to Withstand Long Runs
  • Excellent Mechanical Strength

  • Keep the container closed & away from sunlight.

  • 12 months, if container is closed properly.

  • 10 kg & 25 kg plastic bucket.